Up Close with Royal Arabian Horses

February at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO begins with a nod to exotic beauty, stamina and spirit as the 10-week fine art show welcomes special guests from the Scottsdale Arabian Horse show.

The event, “Up Close with Royal Arabian Horses”, takes place on Saturday, February 4 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., giving patrons a chance to see two magnificent Royal Arabian horses up close. The two-hour event also will feature a lively Quick Draw, where artists have a brief timed period to draw the horses, and some artists will plein-air paint them.

“This is a rare chance to see these radiant horses up close, learn about their history, and see how artists recreate their striking beauty,” said Judith Combs, CEO of the award-winning Thunderbird Artists and Partner of Arizona Fine Art EXPO. “Bring your camera to capture their beauty and then spend the afternoon touring through artist studios or relaxing in our sculpture garden.”

The owners, Jim and Sally Bedeker, will proudly present their two Royal Arabian horses, Claudiaa and Bella Soleil GA, from Scottsdale-based Gemini Acres Equine Ranch, along with trainer Claudinei Machado and manager Taylor Mason.

Claudiaa is a beautiful mare born in Belgium in 2002. She was imported by Gemini Acres Equine a few years back and has been a wonderful asset to Gemini’s breeding program. The farm is expecting two foals in 2017 from Claudiaa, both by Gemini stallions.

Bella Soleil GA was born and raised in Scottsdale on the Gemini farm. This beautiful three-year-old mare has had successes in the show ring and is now being ridden both in the arena and through the desert here in Scottsdale.  She is one of the select sale horses at Gemini.

Written by Sue Kern-Fleischer