A Little Piece of Quiet

A huge thank you to our friends at The Pond Gnome. They built our Koi pond several years ago and they maintain it through the summer months; replenishing for the art season.

With 17+ years of experience and education, they lead you smoothly through the process of designing and building your own private paradise where no passport is required! 

"Once your water feature is completed, you become part of The Pond Gnome family and we will make sure that you are comfortable with the care and maintenance of your pond, waterfall, or re-circulating stream.  In the alternative, we have several maintenance programs to choose from to keep your outdoor environment worry-free and enjoyable," says Paul Holdeman, co-owner of the Pond Gnome.

"The entire Pond Gnome team is deeply passionate about what we do.  We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality products and service and truly enjoy watching our clients’ eyes light up as the water is turned on – and we’re fun to work with!"

For more information visit The Pond Gnome