Chroma Textures -abstract chaotic approach to painting

Charles Huckeba has created a new technique - Chroma Textures. Charles describes the creation and process involved in this technique.

"Ginger, Winston & Reilly " Charles Huckeba

"Over the course of my painting career there .has been a significant accumulation of dry pieces of acrylic paint that are generally thrown away with the empty paint container.  The saved cache of pigment pieces became pounds and pounds over time.  Sometimes the simplest most accidental idea can be the best and most creative.   To adhere the dry pieces of paint I laid down a thick wet layer of black paint.  The application of the dry paint pieces into the wet paint had to be completed in a timed manner, otherwise the wet paint would dry too quickly and the dry pieces would not bond properly.  By now I spend hours creating those dry pieces of paint for the express use of Chroma Textures paintings.

"Blue Thunder, Purple Sky" Charles Huckeba

The new painting idea needed a name in the context of art media.  I called it Chroma Textures because the dried pigment colors are varied, thick and chunky.  Irregular in size, form and thickness, they have a depth and projection from the surface of the canvas.  The wet base paint color may vary with the subject rendered.  The random disposition of colors and forms of the dry paint pieces makes for an abstract chaotic approach to painting,   The subject may be an animal but the dry paint piece application is totally abstract.  The bristling texture and color seem to fall off and away from the canvas into the face of the viewer".

Huckeba will be exhibiting his latest 'Chroma Textures" paintings at the Arizona Fine Art EXPO, January 11th through March 24th, 2019.

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